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Programming Experience

  • Used Basic Language for some simple games
  • Created a few webpages using HTML
  • Attend a course for HTML and CSS
  • Used Fortran to test Satellite Communication Circuits

Programming Languages

  • Basic
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Fortran

Assignment Name Assignment URL's Summary
My Course Homepage
My Homepage This assignment covered the creation of a basic HTML webpage with a title, a list, an image and a table. The intention is to create a homepage to keep a record of PHP class assignments for the semester.
Lab 1
Hands-On Project 2-1
Hands-On Project 2-2
Case Project 2-2

Using basic scripts, comment and echo
Lab 2
Hands-On Project 3-2
Hands-On Project 3-3
Case Project 3-2

Data Types
Interest Array
Interger Variables
Using and identifying Data Types and Arrays
Lab 3
Hands-On Project 3-4
Hand-On Project 3-6
Case Project 3-2

Return Value
Order of Precedence
Days Array
Using Data varibles, Operators and building Expressions
HW 2
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 Review
Grade Form

Chapter 2 Answers
Chapter 3 Answers
My Grade Form
Chapter Review Questions and Creating a Form
Lab 4
Hands-On Project 4-1
Hands-On Project 4-5
Case Project 4-2

Company Name
Letter Grades
Temp Conversion
Using Functions and Control Structures
Lab 5
Hands-On Project 4-3
Hands-On Project 4-6
Case Project 4-8

Odd Numbers
Gas Prices
Prime Number
Using Funtcions, Control Structure, IF, ELSE, WHILE, $_GET and caputuring data between pages.
Lab 6
Case Project 4-3
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 Review

Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 4 and 5 review and calculating pay with overtime.
Lab 7
Hands-On Project 5-2
Project Content Proposal
HW 3

Validate Credit Card
Project Content Proposal
Final Project Proposal, form content validation, writing to a text file.
Lab 8
Hands-On Project 6-1
Hands-On Project 6-2
HW 4
Joomla Templates
Joomla Extensions

Hit Counter

Templates Extensions
Counting Page Hits, RSVP project
Lab 9
Project 7-1
Project 7-2

Top Sales
Winning Numbers
Iteration throught an array
Lab 10
Case 10-4

Signup for Conference
Signing up for a conference

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Instructor  Tyson McMillan
Last Modified  May 11, 2009